With Deus Vult you’ll take inspired, confident next steps towards your possibilities, hopes and dreams. Unlocking lives of increased virtue in service to God and others, Deus Vult facilitates a more fulfilled version of you.
God wills it.

As Romans 8:31 says,
“si Deus pro nobis, qui contra nos?”
(If God be for us, who is against us?)



Deus Vult Coaching is a metaphorical bridge that helps people cross from this side to that side.

Clients process as many issues as they choose, but the core, or heart, of the sessions is to achieve a fully integrated life. When one notices, grows and learns about themselves, that’s the transformational change that is sought. Focusing on eternity, let’s amplify the good in your soul.

“B-I-T-E™” stands for:
Bridging, Integrating, Transforming and Eternalizing.

What mark will you make?





Your leadership coach, Doug Grane, will assist you with your challenges and opportunities.

Doug invests in and inspires business owners, CEOs, Executives and Leaders to grow exceptional businesses and become higher-impact individuals who honor God and enrich our communities and nation.

Deus Vult equips leaders for the battle of life leaning into their faith.

Deus Vult is Leadership Coaching for the good guys.


What does this make possible?

You know what it feels like. The clarity. The epiphany. The “a-ha” moment.
The unmistakable mandate to move forward.

Working with Deus Vult Coaching, you’ll answer
‘what does this make possible?’

If you are interested in learning more about how coaching can help you at this time, let’s set up a free, half-hour Discovery Call.