What’s your issue? What’s your call to arms?
How will you change history?

In 1095, during Blessed Pope Urban II’s speech in Clermont, France that launched the First Crusade (or “Holy War”). Urban so influenced those present that they cried out, “Deus Vult!” (It is the will of God!) Urban’s call to arms would change history.

Nunc Coepi is Latin for “Now I begin” and refers to the never ending beginning. Give your best at each moment. Embodied by a “get after it each day” mentality. Former NFL quarterback Phillip Rivers said at the 2014 Catholic University commencement, “Don’t worry, be thankful, and nunc coepi.”

At Deus Vult, we work with leaders who are ready…

  • Ready for change. Those tired of feeling stuck, and ready to break away from the routine.
  • Ready for what’s next. Those ready for the next opportunity and chapter in their life.
  • Ready to make a decision.  Those ready to figure it out, commit and move forward.
  • Ready to begin. Those ready to take a bold, adventurous and courageous next step.

At Deus Vult Coaching, we’re not going to focus on your negative “if’s” “and’s” or “but’s.”
Instead, we’ll harness your dreaming about the positive “if’s” and “yet’s” in your life.

What are your “ifs”?

  • If this happens, then what?
  • If you stay where you are, what will that mean?
  • If you don’t take the leap now, what regrets will you have later?
  • If you become the best version of yourself, what will that look like?
  • Embrace your “if.”  Get after it.  Persevere.

What are your “yets”?

  • Haven’t started the big new project, yet.
  • Haven’t achieved success, yet.
  • Haven’t switched jobs, yet.
  • Haven’t lost 20 pounds, yet.
  • Not living in true friendship with God, yet.
  • Not a saint, yet.
  • Pursue your ‘yet.’  The time to get after your ‘yet’ is now.
  • Assisted by God’s grace, may your ‘yet’ come to be.
When things happen in life that we didn’t expect, by asking “what does this make possible?” we are able to look with resolve and optimism to new and alternative courses of action.

Trust the process.

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