To develop high-impact leaders, to sharpen your leadership skills, to go from Good to Great (or Great to Excellent), to realize that potential you’re leaving on the table, the change that is sought for you is to experience Deus Vult’s B-I-T-E™ method.

What mark will you make?

Our families, communities, nation and world are under attack from those with a twisted Agenda. Backwards is forward and upside down is right side up. How does one navigate the muddy waters of confusion and division arriving in the blue waters of clarity and unity? At Deus Vult, we help value-driven individuals go on offense, and boldly take a B-I-T-E ™ out of life.

Each “level” of B-I-T-E™ the client pursues brings with it a distinct, corresponding focus during the client sessions.


Deus Vult Coaching is a metaphorical bridge that helps people get from this side to that side. A Bridged Life is one where in any situation, conflict, or challenge you have greater confidence that you will successfully get from here to there.


When faith, family, friends, firm and flag are in alignment, one is said to be living an integrated life. An Integrated Life will unlock your ability to lead more effectively through empowering others, accelerating performance, and having deeper relationships.


When one notices, grows and learns about themselves, they are living a transformative life. A Transformed Life will allow you surmount self-development obstacles as they arise and enable you to go over, around and through impediments to success.


When one commits everything in this life for the next life, they are focused on eternal life. An Eternal Life is, well, what it’s all about. It’s the reason to have been here. When you go on a one-week trip, you plan things out well in advance. When your trip is literally for eternity, how’s that planning going for you? Remember, life is short, eternity isn’t.

Are you ready to take a B-I-T-E™ out of life with Deus Vult?

Deus Vult is looking to assist fellow travelers who want to make their lives, families, communities, nation, and world a better place.

We’re all looking for something better. We’re all looking to better serve God and others. What’s your better?